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The Joy of Camping (and a few useful tips!)

Camping is a truly great way of enjoying the great outdoors and in these troubled economic times, it presents us with a very cheap holiday or short break for all the family.

Outwell TentsCamping is also hugely versatile and is enjoyed by thousands of people in a variety of different ways and at different times of the year. Climbers and mountaineers will camp in all sorts of weather and on all sorts of terrain. We have all seen photographs of Camp 5 on Everest! Most of us, however, enjoy more sedate camping on recognised campsites throughout the UK and Europe.

For most, camping is a family experience enjoyed on comfortable campsites. We particularly recommend sites in the Camping and Caravanning Club network, which offer comfortable flat pitches for larger family tents and great facilities. Our favourites are their sites at Minehead in Somerset and also Slapton in Devon. It’s worth joining too if you are going to use their sites regularly.

Needless to say, your largest expense will be purchasing your tent and the type and size of your tent will depend not only on your budget but also upon your preferred seasons and the number of persons to be accommodated.

Sunncamp TentsThe larger family tents offer separate bedrooms and these can be very useful, if only for storage space. They also offer space to entertain the children when it's raining and to eat under cover as well.

Remember the reality of camping in the UK involves rain and lots of it. It is important, therefore, to buy a tent that will be sufficiently waterproof to keep you dry.

The degree of waterproofing of your tent will be defined by its 'Hydrostatic Head' measurement. This is measured in millimetres and the minimum is 800mm for the material to be described as waterproof.

Most tents on sale in the UK will have a Hydrostatic Head exceeding 1500mm but the more the merrier! Never buy a tent with less than 1500mm and, if you can, look for 2000mm. This will ensure that you stay dry even in the worst downpour!

Here are a few more useful tips for the coming season:

  • Do be aware that your campsite fees will increase the larger your tent.
  • There are also maximum sizes allowed per pitch and so some of the very largest tents may result in you being asked to pay for two pitches!
  • You will be asked to give the measurements of your tent when booking.
  • It’s worth remembering to ask for a flat pitch too!

Whether you enjoy carrying your tent on your back and camping where the fancy takes you in the wildest of locations or whether you prefer a comfortable campsite within walking distance of a nice public house, I hope you have a great summer!


We have now added a new FORUM to for those who enjoy camping in all its forms. Please visit the forum, sign up, and get the discussion going!

The forum can be used to exchange views, ask for advice or just to tell us about your tent or latest camping trip.

Please also feel free to use the comment section below or, if you prefer, just email us for advice.


Welcome to We offer, quite simply, a massive selection of tents of all types and sizes, listed by the number of persons accommodated.

So, whether you are looking for a lightweight 3 person tent for a small family right up to a big family or even a multi family 12 person tent, we have comprehensive searchable listings offering a huge choice and outstanding value for money.

We have also included listings of tents by brand, offering some of the very best value tents, such as Coleman, and the best quality tents, such as Vango. Finally, for those who prefer that little extra bit of comfort, we have a page of trailer tents!

Please note that our listings are fully searchable so if you cannot see the particular tent that you are looking for, simply use the ‘search’ facility at the top of the page. You can also search for the exact size that you need if you are looking for specific measurements or need a certain number of rooms.

Our listings of family tents for sale on eBay today are regularly updated so please do check back from time to time if you cannot see the particular tent that you are looking for. As the domestic camping season draws ever nearer we will be adding more listings! has the largest selection of tents listed by the number of persons accommodated in the UK. So, whether you are looking for a 3 person tent or 8 person tents, please bookmark our site.

We have also included links to the Camping and Caravanning Club and Camping Club Europe websites, which we hope you will find useful. They are great for finding campsites in great locations. The Camping and Caravanning Club, in particular, has some truly stunning campsites and you are always guaranteed superb facilities.

We hope you enjoy the video below demonstrating the 2012 Outwell Vermont XL tent. Truly luxurious camping!

Tuff-Trek ®  Roof Tent TT-02 FAMILY SIZE 2.2m Wide
Tuff-Trek ® Roof Tent TT-02 FAMILY SIZE 2.2m Wide
Outwell Vermont 7SA Inflatable Family Tent 7 Berth  New 2017 Model RRP £1849.99
Outwell Vermont 7SA Inflatable Family Tent 7 Berth New 2017 Model RRP £1849.99
Nomad Dogon 4 (+2) Technical Cotton Polycotton Canvas Luxury Family Camping Tent
Nomad Dogon 4 (+2) Technical Cotton Polycotton Canvas Luxury Family Camping Tent
10 Person Elite 10 Family camping Tent 7.10M Length X 4.0M Width X 2.30M height
10 Person Elite 10 Family camping Tent 7.10M Length X 4.0M Width X 2.30M height
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